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China has increased the production of JF-17 in 2020

China has increased the production of JF-17 thunder fighter jets, which were co-developed by China and Pakistan. The number of aircraft delivered by Beijing to Islamabad is the most in numbers in the first half of 2020, then in the past 5 years. Industry reports, according to the Global Times.

“As of June-30, the average production period of JF-17 shortened the production period of single aircraft by 15-days as compared to last year”. According to China Aviation News, a newspaper associated with the state-owned Aviation Industry of China (AVIC) reported.

The main operator of JF-17 fighter jets is PAF (Pakistani Air Force). JF-17 thunders have also been exported to Myanmar. 

The newest version of JF-17,named as JF-17 Block-3 is also in the production line, which made its maiden flight back in December 2019.

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In March-2019, Yang Wei, the designer of the JF-17 fighter jet, said that “development and production of JF-17 block-3 were underway and the block-3 will see JF-17’s information-based warfare capabilities and weapons upgraded”.

Some other countries also approached AVIC about purchasing JF-17 Thunder Block-3, Yang said last year. 

Remember that Yang Wei is a Chinese aircraft designer and the vice president of the Chinese Aeronautical Establishment. He is also the chief designer of China’s J-20 stealth fighter. Through the development of a series of fighter aircraft from J-10 to J-20, Yang Wei said that China has established a digitized aircraft research and development system and China’s fighter jets have risen to 2nd echelon in the world. Yang’s dream is that one day, Chinese fighter jets could become the global benchmark. 

“If one day our aircraft can become a standard and others will build planes according to our standard, it will be a huge achievement”, he told China central television.

  1. Report published in Global Times.