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CIA behind arming Afghan Mujahideen to defeat Soviets: Now it’s time for payback

The American Central Investigation Agency (CIA) armed the Mujahideen back in the 1980s that are now killing the US troops throughout Afghanistan and beyond. 

“The fact that the CIA armed the same Afghan militants who now kill US troops is not a conspiracy theory.” Described by RT news

The CIA in a Twitter post proudly displayed a Stinger missile launcher FIM-92. The CIA announced that the Stinger missiles were provided by the US to the Afghan guerrillas to help them fight against the Soviets. 

“The Stinger missiles supplied by the United States gave Afghan guerrillas, generally known as the Mujahideen, the ability to destroy the dreaded Mi-24D helicopter gunships deployed by the Soviets to enforce their control over Afghanistan”. CIA said in a tweet. 

CIA arms the Islamic Mujahideen with weapons and money in the 1980s to put the Soviets out of Afghanistan was done through CIA’s Operation Cyclone, which is one of the most expensive and longest operations. At that time, the US government insisted that these Jihadists are the ‘freedom fighters. 

These so-called ‘freedom fighters’ were armed by the US governments including Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and George Bush. Mujahideen were allied with Osama Bin Laden and was finally known as the Taliban. The group which the United States of America has been fighting for two decades. 

“… The people we are fighting today, we funded 20 years ago.” Once Hillary Clinton said. And after they (Mujahideen) get the Soviets out of Afghanistan we say “goodbye” to Pakistan and leave a mess there. 

Operation Cyclone which the CIA started in the 1980s ended in 1989 with all the weapons provided to Afghan Mujahideen remaining in their hands. 


‘Tit for tat’. America invested in Afghan Mujahideen ‘the Jihadists’ to get the Soviets out from central Asia. And now after three decades the same Afghan Mujahideen which the US now calls the Taliban are getting the Americans out from their land. Payback for the US, but only if they get advice from history.


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