Iran tests ballistic missiles and drones
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Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps tests ballistic missiles and drones

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Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps hold a military exercise code-named the ‘Great Prophet (PBUH) 15’ which includes the testing of a new generation of ballistic missiles and bomber drones. 

The first phase of the military exercise was held in the general area of the central desert of Iran. The IRGC test-fires massive ballistic missiles and conducts operations by offensive bomber drones. 

The exercise was held in the presence of Commander-in-Chief of the IRGC Major General Hussain Salami, Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, Commander of IRGC Air Force, and a group of high-ranking commanders and officials of armed forces. 

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The new class of missiles and drones tests:

The tests include the Zulfiqar, Zalzal, and Dezful class surface-to-surface ballistic missiles in the exercise. According to the Iranian news agency the Sepah news. 

The ballistic missiles are equipped with detachable warheads. The missile has the ability to guide out of the atmosphere as well as the ability to disrupt and by-pass the enemy air defenses and anti-ballistic missile shields. 

During the exercise, the hypothetical enemy targets have been destroyed by using offensive bomber drones and ballistic missiles.

Further information about the range and types of ballistic missiles and bomber drones have not been disclosed by IRGC. 

The video was released by state television. 

“The message of this drill was to show our power and determined to defend our sovereignty, our sacred system and our values against the enemies of Islam and Iran.” Commander-in-Chief of IRGC Hussain Salami said in a statement. 

Tension with US and UAE:

Amid rising tension with the USA and UAE, Iran conducts the exercises and shows off its latest weapons including ballistic missiles and armed drones. 

Also, the political situation in the USA is not good due to the current election results. While the previous US government put a lot of pressure on Tehran through sanctions. In 2018 the Trump administration pulls the US from Iran’s nuclear deal. In which Iran agreed to limit its uranium enrichment in exchange for lifting the economic sanctions. 

On the other hand, Iran also eyeing its old rivalries like Saudi Arabia and UAE and takes necessary steps to boost its defense capabilities. 

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After analyzing the information available on current Iran’s military exercise we can say that Iran wants to show off its new weapons and its capability to defend itself in the event of war. While it is also good for Tehran to test its defense capabilities in real-time. 


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