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Iron Fist Active protection system by Elbit for Dutch army

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BAE Systems Hagglunds has awarded a contract to Israeli firm Elbit Systems to provide Iron Fist Active Protection System (APS) for the Dutch Army’s CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV).

BAE Systems Hagglunds is a Swedish defense company. It is a subsidiary of British BAE Systems which is a multinational arms, security, and aerospace company. 

BAE Systems Hagglunds is responsible for a mid-life up-gradation program of the Dutch army’s CV90 armored vehicle. 

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Under the $82 million contract, the Israeli firm Elbit Systems will provide the Iron Fist Active Protection System (APS) and Commander Open Architecture Panoramic Sights (CAOPS) for the Royal Netherlands Army’s (RNLA) armored vehicles. 

The contract will be completed in four and a half years. 

“We are pleased with the opportunity to cooperate with BAE Systems Hagglunds and to support this important modernization program of the RNLA,” Elbit Systems Land General Manager Yehuda Vered said. 

Iron Fist capabilities:

Under this contract, the Dutch Army is equipping its infantry fighting vehicle CV90 fleet with enhanced protection against current and future threats, including anti-tank missiles. 

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The CV90 fighting vehicle also received a new turret, whose position will be changed to provide better vehicle balance and enable new ways to introduce a variety of weaponry for increased lethality. 

The Iron Fist Active Protection System will allow the vehicle to defeat incoming projectiles through the use of tracking radars, optical sensors, launchers, and countermeasure munitions. The system also includes a light configuration for armored fighting vehicles (AFVs), infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs), and logistic vehicles, and a heavier configuration for main battle tanks (MBT). 

The Iron Fist also provides interception of anti-tank missiles by using a blast interceptor to defeat the threat without initiating its warhead. 

The system automatically detects and identifies hostile anti-tank threats including short-range RPGs, recoilless rifle ammunition, and anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs). While the heavier configuration also handles tank rounds such as High-Explosive anti-tank (heat and kinetic energy rounds). 

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The electro-optical Commander Open Architecture Panoramic Sight which will also deliver with the Iron Fist protection system is a modular dual-axis stabilized sight that facilitates fire control computation and long-range target acquisition in day and night, in both stationary and mobile situations. 

Before this contract, Elbit Systems delivered the Iron Fist Active Protection System for the Israeli Army’s Eitan armored fighting vehicles and US Army’s M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles.


Israeli firm Elbit Systems produces one of the most advanced protection systems for armored and infantry fighting vehicles. 

The mid-life upgrade program of the Dutch army for its CV90 infantry fighting vehicle with the Elbit’s Active Protection System will enhance its capabilities and increase its survivability in the modern age battlefields.


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