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Pakistan Day Parade, the Islamic Nuclear Power Shows Off its Military Might

Pakistan military forces showed off its military might having some advanced war machines during the ‘Pakistan Day Parade’ at Shakarparian in its capital Islamabad last week. 

The latest missiles, tanks, and drones were displayed during the parade. The fighter jets and helicopters were painted the capital city’s sky in green and white by flying in formations. 

The ‘Parade’ is held every year on 23rd March. But the parade was postponed to 25th March this year due to bad weather conditions. Pakistani military takes part in the parade every year but occasionally shows off its advanced weapons. 

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The President of the country Dr. Arif Alvi attended the parade as the chief guest along with the top military and government officials. The Prime Minister was unable to attend the parade after testing positive for coronavirus. 

The military officials from friendly countries including Commander of the Saudi Royal Land Forces Lt. Gen. Fahad Bin Abdullah Al-Mutair and officials from Bahrain, Sri Lanka, UK, and other countries attend the ‘Pakistan Day Parade’. 

The annual ceremony was started with the flypast of the Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Air Force fighter aircraft. 

Latest war machines during the Pakistan Day Parade:

Pakistan armed forces including the Army, Navy, and the Air Force took part in the annual day parade. 

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) presents a stunning air show. Advanced aircraft include JF-17 Thunder, F-16s, SAAB 2000, P-3C Orion, Karakoram Eagle 3 with Mi-35, Bell 142, Puma, and AgustaWestland helicopters showed off their formations and painted the sky with colors of celebrations. 

PAF JF-17s stunned the spectators with breathtaking maneuvers and formations. The aerobatics team from PAF the ‘Sherdils’ also demonstrated their seamless performance in front of the crowd. Turkish Air Force renowned aerobatic team the ‘Solo Turk’ was also invited to the ‘Pakistan Day Parade’. Their performance was spectacular, and it brought applause and cheers from the people attending the parade. 

Advanced military platforms including tanks, the latest missiles, Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs), UAVs, and air defense systems along with other indigenously developed weapons were displayed during the parade. 

The tanks included VT-4 Main Battle Tank (MBT) and indigenously developed Al-Khalid tanks. Air defense systems including short-range FM-90 and medium-range LY-80 along with locally manufactured Air Command and Control System (ACCS). Short and long-range missiles including Nasr (range 70 km), Raad cruise missile (range 350 km), Babur cruise missile (range 450 km), and Shaheen-III ballistic missile (range 2750 km) were also showcased during the Pakistan day ceremony. 

Tanks during Pakistan day parade
Pakistan’s armored top-of-the-line tanks take part in the military parade to mark Pakistan Day in Islamabad on Thursday. — AFP

The Pakistani military also showed off for the first time its indigenously developed combat and surveillance drones during the parade. It includes ‘Burraq’ and ‘Shahpur’ UAVs. ‘Burraq’ is the indigenously developed UCAV (unmanned combat aerial vehicle) manufactured by NESCOM (National Engineering and Scientific Commission). It can be used for strike missions to engage moving or stationary targets. It is a combat-proven UCAV used by the Pakistani Army. ‘Shahpar’ another indigenously developed UAV, mostly used for surveillance and reconnaissance missions. Developed by GIDS (Global Industrial Defense Solutions), it carries a thermal imaging camera, Infrared camera, laser range finder (LRF), and other imagery equipment and sensor suits. 

During the ceremony, the President of Pakistan stated that Pakistan’s armed forces are fully equipped to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity. Any kind of misadventure with Pakistan will receive a befitting response. 

He said, “In case of any misadventure, Pakistan is capable of thwarting it with full force.” He added, “we will defend our independence at all costs”. From deserts to mountains and the vast skies to the depth of oceans, our forces act as the strong line of defense against terrorism to natural disasters. 

Pakistan wants peace but the desire for peace do not perceive as our weakness. “Pakistan wants to move forward with good intent and peace, but our desire for peace should not be construed as weakness.” 

President Alvi also shed light on the Kashmir issue and urged the international community to take notice of the Kashmir situation on the occasion of Pakistan Day Parade. “The entire nation stands by their Kashmiri brothers and sisters in this hour of trial.”


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