Russian Arctic military build-up
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Russian Arctic Military Build-up, Does the USA Has to Worry?

Russia is building up its military set up on a large scale in the Arctic and testing its latest, most advanced weapons in a freshly ice-free region. CNN reported. 

This Russian Arctic military build-up is huge and may be in a move to secure its northern coast and open up an important shipping route from Asia to Europe. Also in recent times, fresh ice-free regions have been observed in the Arctic due to climate change. 

Russia is also ready to test its newest super-weapon the ‘Poseidon 2M39’ torpedo. 

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Poseidon 2M39, the Superweapon in Russian Arctic Military:

The super-weapon is still under development by the Russian military. Russian President Putin has announced the ‘key stage’ testing of the weapon in February and more tests of the Poseidon 2M39 planned this year.

The weapon is capable of delivering several megatons of the warhead. The huge radioactive waves have been created which could make the targeted coastline uninhabitable for decades. According to the report. 

The unmanned torpedo which has stealth capabilities is powered by a nuclear reactor and intended by Russian designers to sneak past coastal defenses – like those of the US – on the seafloor. CNN reported. 

The super-weapon is designed to submerge US coastal cities with radioactive tsunamis, Christopher A Ford, then assistant secretary of state for international Security and Non-Proliferation said last year. 

According to the head of Norwegian intelligence, Vice Admiral Nils Andreas Stensones, told CNN, that his agency has accessed the Poseidon as “part of the new type of nuclear deterrent weapons and it is in the testing phase.” He further added that the weapon has an influence far beyond the region in which they test it. Some other military experts agree that the weapon is very real and already coming to fruition. 

In addition to the Russian Arctic military’s super-weapon development and testing, they are “refurbishing Soviet-era airfields and radar installations, constructing new ports and search and rescue centers, and building up its fleet of nuclear and conventionally-powered icebreakers.” A Pentagon spokesperson, Lt. Col. Thomas Campbell told CNN. 

Russian Arctic military build-up
A Russian soldier stands guard as Pansyr-S1 air defense system on the Kotelny Island, part of the New Siberian Islands archipelago located between the Laptev Sea and the East Siberian Sea, Russia (Credit: AP Photo/Vladimir Isachenkov) Russia Arctic Base

Maxar, the space technology company has provided CNN with satellite images which show the Russian military’s build upon a large scale and expected underground facilities to store new high tech weapons including the Poseidon the ‘super weapon’. Other weapons include the Russian MiG-31 bomber aircraft along with new radar systems which are close to the coastline of the American state of Alaska. 

Manash Boruah, a submarine expert at Jane’s Fighting Ships said, “the reality of the weapon is clear. You can absolutely see development around the torpedo, which is happening.” He added “there is a very good probability that the Poseidon will be tested and then there is a danger of it polluting a lot. Even without a warhead, but definitely with just a nuclear reactor inside.” 

The Russian Arctic military has deployed two new weapons in the Arctic region in recent times which includes the Tsirkon, a powerful anti-ship hypersonic cruise missile, and the Poseidon, the ‘super weapon’ that is still under development. 

The deployment of this new generation of weapons from Russia worries the US and its western rivals and other NATO countries. 

“There is clearly a military challenge from the Russians in the Arctic.” A US State Department’s top official said. “That has implications for the United States and its allies, not least because it creates the capacity to project power up to the North Atlantic.” 


The Russian military new build-up in the Arctic provides them with more strength to defend its territory. The development of new super weapons is dangerous for its adversaries. It is a kind of weapon of mass destruction.


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