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Iran executed a former defense ministry staff member for his CIA links

Former defense ministry staff member named Reza Asghari has been executed (14-July-2020) by Iran for selling sensitive information on the country’s missile program to the American Central Investigation Agency (CIA). According to the country’s judiciary on Tuesday.

Reza Asghari had served in the country’s aerospace department of ministry and he retired in 2016.

“In the last years of his service, he joined the CIA. He sold information about our missiles… to the CIA and took money from them. He was identified, tried and sentenced to death”

According to judiciary spokesperson Ghulam Hossain Esmaili.

In recent months, Iran has announced the arrests and convictions of many alleged spies having links to the US and Israel.

In June, Iran hanged Jalal Haji Zawar in prison, because he admitted to the court that he had been paid for providing the sensitive information to the CIA.

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Back in 2016, Iran executed its nuclear scientist for spying for the United States.

Mahmoud Mousavi Majd is among those who will still be executed. He is accused of spying on Iranian military forces for the USA and helped the US to locate Qasem Sulaimani, the top Iranian Major General in the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Execution of the protestors:

In another development on Tuesday, Esmaili announced that Iran’s Supreme Court has confirmed the death sentences of three Iranians accused of taking part in protests in November last year.

He further said, the three suspects were violent ringleaders and had set fire to a number of buildings and transport facilities.

These men had recorded their actions on their phones and the evidence had been considered by the court. The verdicts can still be revised if they want to, he added.

Iran was rocked by days of unrest following a rise in petrol prices in November 2019. The protests were violently suppressed by security forces, with many people killed and hundreds arrested.


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